Why expect to have the energetic certificate?

¿Por qué esperar a tener el certificado energético?

To avert this situation from IMOPRAT want to facilitate to our possible clients, owners of on sale house or in hire in the population of The Prat of Llobregat, can adapt to this Law offering a discount for the formality of the energetic label. Surgery with IMOPRAT. 

In the last months, have appeared in several different media news on the already real sanctions that are producing so much to real-estate agencies as to individuals by not having of the energetic label. Still us sucede when speaking with owners that say me,
“well, when it already have a client that want it already will do it“.  What these owners do not know or do not have clear is that from June of 2013 is responsibility of them same have of the corresponding certificate of energetic efficiency beside the label, to commercialise his real estate and that the fine, if it produces , repercute so much in the agency, for publishing the real estate without the certificate, as in the owner, by not to have it made.
Which are the sanctions? They have established three types of sanctions. The considered minor infringements have a pity of 300 to 600 euros, of 601 to 1.000 euros by grave infringement and of 1.001 to 6.000 euros for the very grave.  It considers slight fault publish a house without the qualification, for example. A grave fault would be falsear the information, that is to say, show a wrong qualification in the advertising of the house.
The majority of the users ask us if all the houses need the certificate. The response is that, as in almost all law, there are exceptions, but in this case are very few. They are exentos:
The edifices protected officially,
Places of cult or religious activities,
Provisional constructions,
Parts no residential of industrial edifices, of the defence and agricultural,
The edifices or parts of isolated edifices with less than 50 m² useful
Edifices with a minor use to 4 months to the año.es very important that to the hour to make the certificate do with a technician with competition, since they are producing frauds in this regard. 

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