We do not have free price in hires .. As No

No tenemos libre precio en alquileres .. Pues No

Like consequence of the entrance in force of the Law 11/2020 the past 22 September 2020 and with the aim of regularizar the price of the hire in Barcelona, creates the index of reference of the hire. To continuation, from IMOPRAT will explain in this article what is the index of reference for hire and all what need to know on this new regulation. 

How it calculates the index of hires in Catalonia
The index of reference of the hire is an indicator that created with the aim to establish a limit in the prices of hires of any of the most sued zones in the city of Barcelona. Previously, the index of reference on the hire was orientative by what through the index regulated, what pretends is to establish a price that do not surpass the established. 

The new law with the aim to create a totally transparent market, obliges to no only to provide all the information on the real estate but also, obliges to inform to the possible owners the value that signals the index of reference of the prices. Of this way, considers that the owners of the floor or the anunciante is the responsible person to enter the index of the real estate in the ad. 

At present, the Government of Catalonia, through the Agency of House, has put to disposal of the user a tool  that allows to calculate the index of reference of the price for hire. The data  to provide are the following:

  • Direction of the real estate. 
  • Indicate in metres squared the useful surface (the indicated in cédula of habitability)
  • State of maintenance. 
  • The plant in which it finds . 
  • Year of construction. 
  • Energetic certificate.
  • If it has of other services like parking, ascent or pieces of furniture.
It averts fines: it Knows the Royal decree Law 11/2020 of Catalonia
One of the most important appearances that have to take into account is that the index of reference of the hire established in Catalonia has a compulsory character, what supposes that the price of the definite hire does not have to surpass the parameters that establish in the law and therefore, establish in the index of reference, another appearance to take into account because of his forcing is that it has to inform of the index in the ads published.

Which is the maximum price that can apply ?
Taking into account all the information mentioned previously, is necessary to comment also that the definite price of the hire never will be able to be upper to the that establishes in the index of reference or to the price established in the last agreement whenever this, was also lower that the price that limits the index of reference of the hire. 

They exist cases in which it was not necessary to apply the limit established in the index?  
Although it exists a value established, is necessary to comment that they exist three situations that are exentas to apply the agreed limit in the index.
These situations, are the following: 
  • In those cases in which the tenant or the tenant have a equal or upper income to 2,5 times the indicator of the income. 
  • In those situations in which the house is subject to a special regime of incomes as for example, the houses of official protection. 
  • Finally, it will not have to apply the limit established if during the cincos years have made works of big rehabilitation.  

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