Gustavo Noriega, from his experience, reveals us which are the spreguntas that more do him the buyers and his responses.

Article published in The Meu Prat - June 2016

Each clients is a new client and each one cdon different needs, but this yes, by very different that are his needs all have the same doubts. 

The price is negotiable? Try dribble the price is a classical that has gone reinforcing along the crisis. The owners needed immediate liquidity and accepted contraofertas. But the market is recovering and no longer has to take that it will achieve a discount. It is the do an offer in firm, when it knows if the owners are had to negotiate the price or no.

Which costs has the community, IBI? When have a real interest, are used to to ask which costs go to find. These costs can decant the scales to a side or another.

There is spill slopes? Always it informs to the clients that the real estate sells free of loads and in case that there is one spills approved pro the community, the vendor has to leave it paid, although it have not begun to do the reparation.

Has the Technical inspection of Edifices? The buyers today are to the day of all legal requirement, and are conscious of the importance of this. According to the year of construction of the establishes has to of for the ITE, as well as disponder of cédula of habitability and energetic Label are compulsory. If the property does not have these documents can frustar the sale.

Financing to 100%  or to 100% more costs? In the 2016 fund 100% of valuation is not possible, (the limit of 80% of valuation is generalised), except exceptions of clients very solvent and with additional guarantees.

In determinate cases have been able to offer 100% of "valuation", with what covered 100%+costs, but is very important that the client understand that ask a mortgage without having savings is not recommended. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat