POSITIVE tendencies,

We are in time of changes, of ascending positive tendencies, of recovery of the economia and therefore of the real-estate sector.

Article published in The Meu Prat - March 2016

Memory when it was usual in any conversation, hear the incredible of that purchase-sale in which fulano had bought a floor by "so much" and to the cape of few days had sold it by enough more. They were days in that the real-estate sector did not stop to grow and sell floors was a game of boys.

Time that remained backwards, arrived the crisis and the speeches triunfal gave step to the "know to somebody that has bought a bargain", followed of that that saw how depreciated his house until limits insospechados, how impounded to the neighbour that lost his work, how the banks and boxes did not want to hear the word loan hipotecario. And look us astounded asking us how had dipped us in this hole.

And how we are now? The real-estate sector is wake, the sales have augmented softly and currency the light at the end of the tunnel. Fruit of this new stage, begins to hear "The prices no only have left to go down, but they are going up". How?! What bad memory have gentlemen. Please, we do not fall in the same errors.

- The prices have begun to stabilise . But this does not mean that a floor out of price of market change to be in his just price or even underneath. The expensive floors will follow without selling if they do not correct his price.
- The people this´animating to look for and to buy. But again, taken care with thinking that the demand has gone back local and that the people goes to flock in search of floors to the price that was. And it will be, as always, the market the one who will commission to adjust offer and demand.

In round-up: they are stabilising the prices, but is very soon to speak of rise. This stabilisation, together with the recovery of some optimism and confidence, will do that the descent of prices of these last years come to an end, and to half term, offer and demand will adjust as it corresponds.

We are careful, inform us, advise us pro a good professional.

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