Article published in Magazine The Meu Prat March 2016

The demand of floors of four bedrooms or three wide, reactive.

From two years ago the indications of economic recovery are giving his fruits and the size goes back to be important, has gone back the demand of floors bigger, and this is evidenciando especially in the new promotions.
If during the years of crisis the main demand was of floors of some 70 square metres, the tendency has gone investing.
The current buyer has been expecting long for the compraventa and when it does it has clear what looks for: more metres.
BECAUSE OF different causes:
-The adjust of prices allows him aspire to a main house, the price of the square metre tends to be minor, by what the appeal of purchase is main.
-BECAUSE OF the big number of divorces the new families that join are of more members, with which need a wider house of the usual.
-They request independent stays (vestidores, dispatches, rooms of games, room of iron ...),in addition to the usual rooms.

In spite of all this, The interested in buying this type of house have less where choose, since the offer that find us is scarce to satisfy the demand, the new promotions are limited and the existent stock in houses used is minimum.

From these lines Isabel Ballester animates to sell to those owners that have of houses, since now it is the best moment. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat