Agreements for hire of season

Contratos de alquiler de temporada


This model of agreement of lease of season characterises because the tenant enjoys of the house during a determinate period of the year.  In no case the house has character of usual. It is regulated by the Law of Urban Leases 29/1994, in his art. 3, apdo. 2, but here his qualification will be of “distinct use to the of house”, whose regulation contemplates the Title III.

The big advantage with regard to the of house is that it governs by the will of the parts, from here that the length is the one who establish in the agreement, without that it exist a minimum term. This yes always has to exist the cause and justify it, is the case of the lease of a house by school season, summer or labour transfer, in which they do not offer complementary services of hospitality industry like reception, cleansing. Etc., neither it finds piped in tourist platforms for hire. Precisely, if they gave these requirements, would be in front of a tourist apartment, whose regulation depend each Autonomous Community and no of the LAU.

It is a model of agreement to rent the house exclusively like temporary accommodation and, therefore, leaves proof that the real estate can not constitute the usual house neither permanent of the tenant neither of any of his occupants, but the lease will be temporary by diverse motives: tourist, labour, academicians, etc.
REGARDING the length of the agreement, has to remain proof of the date of his entrance in force and also of the termination of the agreement. Once passed the term, the agreement will remain automatically resolved without need of notice neither previous request.

In this type of agreements also is necessary to include a guarantee of payment, in concrete a bail arrendaticia equivalent to two periods of income in concept of legal bail, as the established in the article 36 of the LAU. The Owner will have to deposit the bail in the organism or corresponding public office to the Autonomous Community in which it finds the Real estate. The amount of the bail will serve to cover flaws or harms in the house, as well as guarantee the fulfillment of the obligations that assumes the tenant. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat