Article published in local magazine THE MEU PRAT edition of December 2017

Anybody puts in doubt the good course of the real-estate sector, everything looks to indicate that prices, compraventas, mortgages and hires draw a stage of stable growth. However, we do not have to obviar appearances like the political situation in Catalonia, the entrance in force of the new law Hipotecaria or the fight among the hire of season and the residential are risks that present us and could be a conditioning that play in favour or against of the balance among offer and demand.

With regard to the process independentista Catalan, some statistics, speak of descent of prices and of transactions, but have to highlight that in the practice have not warned any impact desfavorable, by what the alarmism is not justified, our buyers-mortgaged, are conservative and have a vision more on a long-term basis, being his preference the hire mortgages to fixed interest ensuring like this future surprises.

Another question is the approval of the new Law Hipotecaria, that contributes a main security and transparency to the consumer, yes that it is true that the banks will be more rigorous to the hour to concede loans, but to the current consumer will not affect him these restrictions, since to day of today is conscious and sabedor of the requirements in front of the demand of financing for the purchase of a house.

Regarding the market of the hire has gone toughening during this 2017.  The apparition of the tourist hires (season) has done that the offer of residential hires in the market diminish, spending to consequence gone up of prices, situation that does not foresee a significant change during the 2018.

Ready to start the new year and in front of the uncertainty that offers us the 2018, dare to say that the expectations do not go to be bad. The demand of houses will not wane in The Prat of Llobregat, since we are a population that does not leave to grow because of the big labour offer that offers, in addition to that the house does not leave to be a first need and a good investment unlike other near populations; concerning the financing, the expectation of rise in types of interes will be by the invalid moment.

Challenges and tendencies that fill us of optimism.  

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