Like leaving a floor for hire

Como dejar un piso de alquiler

How I say him to my owner that go me ?

Leave a floor for hire is a heavy formality, overcoat if you spend living in this floor of The Prat long and have a good relation with your owner. But besides, the correct form to give by ended up an agreement for hire has gone changing over time. If it does some years was sufficient to warn to the owner by telephone and leave him the keys in the mailbox, now these forms are unthinkable and little recommended.

In we count you what have to do and what do not have to do to leave your floor for hire.

What HIMSELF have to do

[HIMSELF] You have to take consciousness that you can not you go when you plazca, since the forms and the minimum terms are regulated by the new Law of Urban Leases. We see the possible stages:

  • If have an agreement of ancient income (anterior to the 1/1/1995),fits to understand that the owner will be delighted that you go you to be able to update the price of the hire, so, few formalisms will be necessary, communicate it to him with antelación and if possible, do to coincide your start with the end of the month for elder practicidad.
  • If your agreement is anterior to the 6/6/2013, according to the law are obliged to respect the length mínimade a year or the pactada in the agreement and if no, will have to indemnify to the arrendador, paying all the anualidades that are missing.
  • If your agreement is back to the 6/6/2013, only could leave your floor for hire of The Prat of Llobregat, once have passed the first six months and warning with a month of antelación.
[HIMSELF] You have to communicate him to your owner of clear form, explicit and unambiguous your will to terminate the agreement for hire  of your floor in The Prat of Llobregat. It is not recommended a whatsapp, is better to command a formal email that was answered by the owner or a burofax.

[HIMSELF] You have to be serious in the act of delivery of the keys. For this the owner would have to spend 2 copies of a document in which it clear the agreement with the byline of both parts and that contain at least the following points:
- The date of the delivery of the keys.
- The reading of the counters to date of the delivery of the keys so that afterwards they do not impute costs that do not correspond.
- That the state in which it leaves the floor is the suitable to resolve the return of the bail or if it is not the case, the enumeration of the flaws.

What do not have to do

If you fulfil with all the exposed previously, the last recommendation is the following:

[No] you have to deny you to hand the keys if the owner looms you with not to give the bail alleging flaws. While you do not hand the keys, the agreement is still in vigour to legal level and therefore, devengando incomes. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat